As a VA, PA or Business Support Manager, you are trusted with a considerable amount of information by your Founder, CEO or Director. Having this information does not make you powerful and all-knowing, it makes you able to do your job better. It is a business trust relationship.

Speaking to your VA, PA or Business Support Manager about your business ensures the person who sees the most within your business, can provide a wealth of information and advice and help you make business decisions. Having this information does not mean that they will release it to the nearest colleague, or competitor, it means they can care about your business and help you achieve your goals. From an outsider’s perspective, they can provide a fresh idea that you haven’t thought of or bring an idea back that you thought was dead in the water.

Trust is the key to any relationship, especially in business. On the whole, I have been lucky enough to work with Founders, Directors and CEOs of companies who have trusted me implicitly. They have trusted me with company decisions about the present and future company goals, finances, passwords, company culture and personal information about themselves. It made me feel appreciated and invested in the business. I worked hard, but at the same time, I enjoyed every moment, even during the most stressful times of being a VA, PA or Business Support Manager.

I have also worked for some people who have not been as forthcoming with information or trust. This only made my job harder to provide the support required. Surely, the whole reason for me in my role is to make their life easier. The downside for me personally was that it undermined my self-confidence and my belief in my ability to do my job. I have since learnt, it wasn’t me, it was them.

It has taken me as little as two weeks in a role to gain the trust, me being me, gave them the confidence to be transparent, creating a trusting relationship together.

As a Founder, Director or CEO here are the top four things you can do to get the best from your VA, PA, Business Support Manager.

  1. Talk to them openly and honestly about where the business is, where you would like it to go and how you see their role in your business. Just include them in everything possible, they may have an opinion or viewpoint that you haven’t thought of. If they can see that you are being transparent then they will give you the respect and trust in return. If they are working for your business, they are only going to want to push it forward to be a success.
  2. Allow them access to passwords and all systems that they are going to need to do the job. They are not going to run off with your passwords and share them. They just want to be able to do their job, if they feel that they aren’t being given the access it can create uncertainty about the business and demotivate them.
  3. Be transparent about the finances (if this is part of their job). Keeping them informed about budgets means they can ascertain how the money is spent and what and when to spend. They know not to suggest a new coffee machine, a new batch of uniform or that extra whiteboard, but they can put it on hold until they feel it is necessary. Access to budget plans allows them to make a judgement call about when it is a good month income-wise and present you with the costs and reasons on which a decision can be made. They can look for savings within the company, research for more cost-effective suppliers and increase the quality of service being paid for.
  4. Give them the freedom and autonomy in their role in the business. Being micro-managed is detrimental and you can wonder what value you are getting from them if they aren’t producing or making a difference how you had hoped. You hired them for a reason. They have the experience that you felt was missing within your company.

If you can put these four steps into place, you will only benefit from your VA, PA, Business Support Manager being invested in every way within the business, you will have the perfect business trust relationship. The level of trust you give gets repaid by the work and support they give you.

“Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned”